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Detox - Body, Mind and Soul.
Why, and How, to Eliminate Toxins.

What is the most important thing you can do for your body, mind and soul right now, today? One word, detoxification - both physically and mentally.

10 Symptoms You May Be Toxic:


Without daily detoxification of your cells, waste, chemicals and heavy metals begin to accumulate and destroy them. The mind and body become sick and diseased, slowly, but surely.

Culprits of Destruction:

Ingredients: Sugar,
sodium, alcohol, nicotine, tap water, fluoride and aluminum, mercury, lead, zinc, cadmium, nickel etc 

The Body: Chemically poisoned food and beverages, synthetic fabrics worn against the skin (polyester, nylon), EMF's, chemtrails, prescription drugs, vaccinations, antibiotics,

The Mind: Negative emotions, stress, negative media, stressful relationships, financial pressures.

Cancer: Did you know that most cancer patients suffer from prolonged constipation and liver damage BEFORE they are diagnosed? This is due to their bodies being so overly toxic, that the body can no longer function properly and eliminate the toxins. Cancer is the bodies natural response to try and eliminate accumulation of acidic toxicity. If the body is too toxic, the cancer cells proliferate in a desperate attempt to correct the body. They themselves then become a problem.

Your health is being tested and pushed to the limit every single day.

Deadly Toxins Permeate Our Lives.
No-one Is Immune.

Poison - Mc Donalds, Milk, the Atkins Diet, Coke, Fluoride, and Whey (which is used as a filler in bread, cakes and diet supplements).

Killer Reality - EMF

1) Your cell phone and other wireless technology is silently destroying your brain as well as your body, and causes infertility and tumors.

2) Microwaves change the molecular structure of your food and your DNA.

3) Fluorescent lighting and swirly lightbulbs affects chemicals in your brain.

TOXIN CHECKLIST - Checklist of common everyday toxins to identify and remove from your life. Prevention is the key to health.

Chemtrails and Vaccines - The air we breath is deliberately poisoned with chemicals. Vaccinations spread disease, poison the body, and break down the immune system.

Drug Resistance - Antibiotics are failing against new bacteria and viruses because our bodies are so used to them. The list of drug options is growing everyday, but the body is not responding due to toxic overload.

Heath Ledger.

Aspartame - What REALLY killed Heath Ledger? Heath was taking several medications plus aspartame, a deadly combination.

Aluminum Poisoning  - When was the last time you checked the contents of your toothpaste, shampoo or anti-perspirant? Aluminum poisoning is linked to both Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

Plastic Bottles - Heat and plastic are a horrible combination, releasing harmful chemicals into the contents. Do NOT keep water bottles in car. Do NOT microwave food in plastic containers. Do NOT cook with plastic film covers. Do you know which plastics are safe and which are not?


1) Detox Diet - Focus on Alkaline foods. Acid and sugar foods and beverages feed cancer and disease.

2) Madal Bal - Lose weight safely and steadily, and keep it off by fasting for a week or so.

3) Vitamins and Minerals - Are these foods on your grocery list? What your body needs and reasons why.

4) Famous Vegetarians - Read the entire page before forming any conclusions

5) Water - Drink water! Hydrate the body and flush out the toxins.

FYI: At least one bowel movement a day is a priority.

Eliminate toxins naturally, 
with a little help:

all chi

Chi Machine - Far Infrared Dome Sauna
Electro Reflex Energizer - E-Power Machine.

1) The Chi Machine - Physical motion - passive aerobic respiration exercise - stimulation of the lymphatic system which promotes elimination of metabolic waste. The body must move in order for the lymphatic system to function optimally.

2) The SOQI Far Infrared Dome Sauna - Far Infrared heat - thermal therapy - is known to promote elimination of heavy metals, drugs and chemicals. Widely used in Asia and Europe.

3) The Electro Reflex Energizer - Electrotherapy for powerful leg stimulation using reflexology - this particular frequency has consistently been reported to eliminate intestinal parasites and worms.

4) The E-Power Machine - Electrotherapy that helps pH balance the body, thereby supporting acid control.

Your Mind - Face personal issues without hiding behind addictions. Release, forgive and let go of negative relationships, environments and situations. In the body/mind connection, issues you refuse to deal with will ALWAYS manifest on a physical level promoting illness and disease. Remove the source, otherwise healing cannot complete itself physically no matter what healing modalities you choose to incorporate.

When would NOW be a great day to make
daily elimination of toxins a part of your lifestyle?

This website is for informational and educational purposes and is in no way intended to provide individual medical may advice which be obtained from your chosen health practitioner. Always ask questions and research everything.
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