Dare To
                    Say No - Medical-Malpractice.



Dare to say NO!
Medical Malpractice - Drug Abuse.
Medical malpractice and drug abuse have joined hands and the Hippocratic Oath has been trashed. Despite having the internet at our fingertips, too many people still do not bother to research or question

Are YOU one of these people ?

Drug free.

1 in every 4 hospital admissions are said to be
due to the side effects of prescription drugs.
Are you a victim, or another happy customer.
Why on earth would anyone willingly take drugs from a stranger? Because he/she is a doctor? Because you trust them? Because you are willing to risk the possible side effects such as suicidal thoughts, heart attack, stroke, weight gain etc, as advertised on TV.
Conventional medicine and corporate monopoly will not heal you. It's time to become educated and wake up or look forward to an early grave.

Change your health choices and change your life.
Choices exist. RESEARCH THEM!


There are 3 Daily Keys to Health and Wellness:

Oxygen and Water - Physical Movement.

There are three basic things that keep us healthy. Many of us ignore them, become ill, and then turn to conventional medicine for help - a corrupt system of band-aids and malpractice that is often abused by doctors (countless articles on the internet), and frequently by patients themselves - the current opiate epidemic of 2017/18 is testament to this. 

The 'help' is artificial, toxic and in too many cases, deadly. Information presented below could save your life, your health, as well as keep aging at bay, providing you dare to say no, and to pay attention to what is going on.

1) Without sufficient oxygen, due to shallow breathing, poor physiology, lack of exercise, stress, substance abuse, and environmental pollution - your body will sooner or later become painful, dysfunctional and eventually diseased.

2) Without sufficient water, your cells will clog and decay, wrinkled skin and facial lines develop, weight gain becomes obvious due to trapped toxins which will create a multitude of minor to major health challenges.

3) Without sufficient physical stimulation (exercise), your cells will become clogged and dysfunctional, circulation will malfunction, muscle tissue will break down, and toxicity will begin to accumulate as oxygen depletion and acidity sets in.

 All these factors will result in aging, illness and disease.


10 Simple Choices for a Life Of Health
and Happiness
, or Illness, Pain and Restriction:

The following factors work hand in hand. Consistent lack of one or more will affect the others and lead to eventual serious consequences ... consequences that could have been prevented by simple daily choices. It's never too late to make better choices. When would NOW be a great time to begin?

1) Physical Movement. Lack of physical movement causes a domino effect in the body which results in pain and decay. Daily exercise increases oxygen levels thereby reducing the possibilities of dysfunctional body systems, mental, emotional and physical stress, energy depletion, toxicity accumulation, poor circulation, weight gain and aging.

2) Oxygen. Lack of oxygen is the root of most, if not ALL disease. Cancerous cells cannot survive in the presence of sufficient oxygen. A cell becomes cancerous when it receives less than 60% of its oxygen requirement. Daily oxygenation of the body via physical movement (aerobic exercise), is critical for the body and mind to remain healthy and focused. Breathing alone does not increase oxygen in the body.

3) Your Lymphatic System activated by physical movement, must be stimulated daily in order to remove physical toxicity and waste which leaves the body via urine, feces and sweat, flushed out by drinking water.

4) Your Circulation is entirely dependent upon your lymph system operating optimally with sufficient oxygenation.

5) Water. Your body is about 75% water so imagine what can happen if that percentage drops. Dehydration causes trapped toxins, cell malfunction, circulation to the skin decreases and so aging, weight gain, pain and illness can take hold. Sipping water throughout the day, moisturizes, hydrates and detoxifies the body - half your body weight in ounces equals your optimal personal daily water intake.

6) Your Immune System performance level depends upon the amount of oxygenation, lymph drainage and sleep that it receives. Of course diet and mental/emotional state also play a role - stress kills and must be avoided at all costs. Relaxation of the mind and body is critical.

7) 80% of chronic diseases are LINKED to the Spine. If your spine is causing pain - commonly due to continued bad posture, lack of oxygenation, lack of physical activity or injury - multiple health problems may result which too often lead to invasive procedures, toxic drugs and long term disability. The spine houses the Autonomic Nervous System which plays a critical role in the optimal function of the body.

8) Quality Sleep - Your body MUST have it in order to heal, balance and rejuvenate. Quality, uninterrupted, sound sleep occurs when stress and mental activity are at peace, created by a fully oxygenated, relaxed mind and body.

9) Alkaline Foods and Liquids - Eating Acid foods and liquids will break down, age and destroy your body. Number one acid enemy? SUGAR.

10) Sunshine - Far Infrared Heat Ray and Vitamin D are vital for physical and mental health. 15-20 mins of sunshine per day is all that is needed (no toxic sunscreen).


Determine Your Health Status In 60 Seconds:

* Do you get your body moving/walking/exercising every day? - Driving doesn't count.
* Do you often have aches and pains in your back, shoulders and head?
* Do you receive enough sleep?
* Do you drink water frequently, every day? - Beer and sodas are sugar, not water.
* Do you eat junk food, fried food and canned food on a regular basis?
* Do you take medication for pain, health challenges or stress? If so, how long has it been?
* Do you live in a city? - Are you exposed to daily smog ?- Are you in heavy daily traffic?
* Do you live in a high rise building?
* Do you have power lines or factory chimneys near your home or office?
* Are you exposed to air conditioners in summer and heaters in winter?
* Do you enjoy your work and the people around you?
* Do you receive a massage at least once a month ... Ever?
* Do you like the way you look and feel? - Are you considering cosmetic surgery for wrinkles or fat?
* Do you give and receive love daily, to and from those around you?!

One year from now, will your answers be any different? Hmmm ...

10 years from now, what state will you be in physically, mentally and emotionally? If health is not a priority in your life, look in the mirror at the consequences. Food, medication, drugs, cosmetics, clothing, therapy and surgery do NOT buy you health, happiness or youth - only a temporary, superficial, external band-aid.

What doctors deliberately fail to tell you may cost you your life.

Doctors in the USA are now statistically more dangerous than guns.


Doctors are licensed drug dealers.
When drugs fail, they recommend invasive procedures.

The shocking medical malpractice of the conventional establishment is unacceptable. Prescribed drugs can slowly kill you, or make you very ill, physically, mentally and emotionally. Just turn on your TV and watch the daily medical ads of approved synthetic toxic drugs. The ads spend more time warning you of the negative effects than the alleged positive effects. Have you become a willing victim because the pain is so bad?

Health care has gone terribly wrong - the stats are horrific.

October 23rd 2003: "Primetime" and ABC World News aired reports on the following facts:

The Washington Post on April 15, 1998 quoted the Journal of the American Medical Association: "One in 15 hospital patients in the United States can expect to suffer from a prescription or over-the-counter medicine adverse reaction, and about 5% of these will die as a result."

Shocking? You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet ...

May 2013:
1) Doctors can't read test results properly and will disagree with each other. Many doctors disagree with each other on a patients diagnosis. If you don't demand answers and get a 2nd or 3rd opinion, you may easily become a victim.

2) 1.7 million people in America will contract an infection from the hospital they were in. Disease is transferred by around 60% of hospital staff failing to wash their hands in between patients.

3) Many doctors are older (20% are over 65yrs), and do not keep their skills and knowledge updated which often leads to dangerous medical situations from outdated choices and procedures.

4) 25% of staff shift changes result in patient care errors.

FYI: Patients are all listed and tended to accordingly, but NOT by most important first. If your last name begins with a Z, good luck in getting the immediate diagnosis or the care you need, let alone an attentive conversation with your doctor.

5) Hospital bill overcharging of both uninsured and under-insured patients is not only common, but out of control.

SHOCKING FACT: Hospitals have been caught charging people a 10,000 percent markup for ER-administered Tylenol, and over $1,200 for a blood test that actually costs about $39.

FYI: You must haggle your hospital bill unless you welcome bankruptcy, but most patients have no idea they can even do this.

Read the complete article: www.cracked.com/article_20449_5-terrifying-things-nobody-tells-you-about-health-care.html

2016 - OUTRAGE

2016: What has changed besides more of the same, and an even greater choice of drugs being offered. In the USA, the Obama Care health program is mandatory, meaning everyone has to pay for insurance every month whether they want conventional medical care or not. Failure to comply means a fine by the IRS come tax time.

AUGUST 2016: It's all over the news that an EpiPen twin-pack now costs over $600.00. An EpiPen is a portable auto-injector device used to treat allergic reactions. The EpiPen delivers epinephrine, more commonly known as adrenaline, a hormone that can help to relax muscles. It opens the airways, and reduces swelling during a severe allergic reaction. EpiPen is a necessary lifesaving medication and without it, adults and children die. The national outrage is huge.

CNN ARTICLE August  25th 2016:
The soaring cost of prescription drugs - "Net spending on prescription drugs by consumers in the United States has increased about 20% between 2013 and 2015, according to a new paper published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on Tuesday. Prescription drugs also cost about twice as much in the United States compared to other advanced nations." - www.cnn.com/2016/08/23/health/epipen-price-mylan-prescription-drugs-increase/index.html

Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR's), Hospital Infections and
medical errors
 are the FOURTH leading cause of death
in the USA, after heart disease,
cancer and strokes.


"More than two million American hospitalized patients suffered a serious adverse drug reaction within a 12 month period of study conducted by the University of Toronto, and of these, over 100,000 died as a result. The researchers found that over 75 per cent of these ADRs were dose-dependent, which suggests they were due to the inherent toxicity of the drugs rather than to allergic reactions.

The data did not include fatal reactions caused by accidental overdoses or errors in administration of the drugs. If these had been included, it is estimated that another 100,000 deaths would be added to the total every year. Medical errors kill some 44,000 to 98,000 people in U.S. hospitals each year. More people die from medical mistakes each year than from highway accidents, breast cancer, or AIDS." - The Cancer Cure Foundation.

Are you a victim? Do you understand that you can change your eating habits, that you can choose a healthier lifestyle mentally and physically, and thereby change your health? YOU are in control, are you not?

Conventional Medicine Annual Deaths:

* 44,000 to 98,000 deaths annually from medical errors (Institute of Medicine)

 * 225,000 deaths annually from medical errors including 106,000 deaths due to "error adverse events of medications" (Starfield)

* 180,000 deaths annually from medication errors and adverse reactions (Holland)

* 20,000 annually to 88,000 deaths annually from infections caught during hospital stay.

* 2.9 to 3.7 percent of hospitalizations leading to adverse medication reactions.

* 7,391 deaths resulted from medication errors (Institute of Medicine)

Conventional medical malpractice has been called homicide for reasons cited below:

1) Doctors are the third leading cause of deaths in the USA, causing 225,000 deaths every year.
- JAMA article (Volume 284, No. 4, 2000)

2) 783,936 people in the United States die every year from conventional medicine mistakes, about 106,000 are from prescription drugs.
- Death by Medicine, by Dr's. Gary Null, Carolyn Dean, Martin Feldman, Debora Rasio and Dorothy Smith 2003

3) 2009, death toll statistics are continuing to rise, as is obesity.

4) Approved prescribed killers: Aspartame, Ritalin, Prozac, AZT and Vaccinations

Your life and health is not by chance or coincidence.
It is a reflection of WHO YOU ARE.


1 in 50 or about 4 million Americans are severely obese. Nearly 1 in 3, or almost 59 million are fat. About 12 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes, the 5th leading cause of death among women and 6th among men. Diabetes is associated with heart disease, chronic kidney disease, blindness, and amputations.

Deaths due to poor diet and physical inactivity in 2000 - 365,000
- Journal of the American Medical Association, March 10, 2004, Vol. 291, No. 10, pp. 1238, 1241.

April 2016: The World health Organization announced that 1 in 11 people worldwide have diabetes and 1 in 3 are overweight.

1) WHY is there an epidemic of adverse drug reactions, medical errors, obesity and diabetes?

2) WHY is America one of the very worst countries in the world for health care?

3) WHY does conventional medicine fail to heal?

4) WHY are statistics for diseases going up instead of declining?

5) WHY is there an opioid epidemic in the USA?

Corporate profit, lack of health care prevention and education, medical malpractice, vaccinations, chemtrails,  acidic food and beverages, chemically saturated diets, gluttony, and lack of exercise.

Conventional medicine does not take diet and exercise seriously. Conventional medical focus is to put a band-aid on the symptoms instead of focusing on healing the source.

Lawsuits are not the solution otherwise these statistics would not continue to exist, and lawsuits do NOT bring the dead back to life. Good luck in filing a lawsuit which is often blocked, and good luck in winning without 100% proof which will be denied.

Conventional Western medicine aims to sell you a very expensive band-aid via medication and invasive procedures. Doctors are paid to push drugs by pharmaceutical corporations. Doctors who do not promote oxygen, water, alkaline diet and exercise, are merely licensed drug dealers, keeping you hooked on prescribed medications and trapped inside a revolving door. How expensive is your band-aid ... and how long have you been wearing it? Are you a victim?

ONGOING WAR: Why does the F D A insist that websites offering natural options for taking care of health - proven and used worldwide for decades - have to state a disclaimer telling readers to refer to a healthcare specialist who is going to tell them natural remedies must be ignored and give them toxic drugs instead, or tell them they have to pump chemo into their body, or tell them they can eat sugar when they have cancer knowing sugar feeds cancer, or tell them to remove their breasts to prevent a cancer that has not yet, and may not ever manifest?

PROFIT: Do we really need to discuss the outrageous American TV ads that promote toxic pills for everything imaginable but spend most of the ad warning that the drug they want you to take may create adverse side effects such as blinding headaches, or may paralyze you, or cause a stroke, or create breathing problems, or irregular heartbeat, or impotency, or convulsions, or may make you feel suicidal etc. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!

Many, many websites, message boards and blogs have been set up to deliberately disinform you regarding natural 'alternative' health care, including, but not limited to websites such as Wikipedia and even well known TV health hosts. Entire websites have been dedicated to tearing down natural therapies and protocols. The health care practitioners behind these discoveries, some dead, some still alive, are being called quacks and charlatans, even though they have proven their protocols with thousands of recovered healthy patients. Natural medicine is being called harmful, pseudo science, unproven, perverted etc.

Conventional medicine wants natural healing erased and orthodox protocols made mandatory. The choice is up to you.



Oxygen, water, physical activity and sleep - the keys to health and beauty - are FREE. Alternative choices to drugs and invasive procedures exist if you take time to research. Begin from this moment on, to live a healthier, more active lifestyle. CHOOSE TO STOP BEING A VICTIM.

The health choices you make today, 
determine your tomorrows.


Free as nature intended.


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