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Superbowl Champion, New York Jets, Earl Christy
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Outstanding athlete, football coach, broadcaster for over 30 years, team member of Harlem Wizards exhibition show basketball team, elementary school teacher of the year, Chief of nine villages in Ghana, motivational speaker and founder of Athletes For Education Association (AFEA).
Earl Christy
Earl Christy is an extraordinary human being with a deep passion for life and a genuine love for people. His joy and happiness is infectious, uplifting and inspiring. Earl encourages young people to make their dreams a reality through his organization AFEA, of which he is founder and CEO.

New York Jets**Superbowl

World Champions 1968 New York Jets - Earl Christy Defensive Back #45

Early in 2004, Earl and his beautiful wife Cathy, discovered the amazing benefits of the Chi Machine. Here is Earl's experience:

"The most important things in our life is our health. We have truly found the answer to ultimate health and wellness. While playing in the National Football League, I received some injuries, to name a few such as a broken jaw, a shoulder separation. After using the machine for a short period of time, the results were phenomenal. I do not have those same aches and pain anymore since using the Chi Machine.

My flexibility, strength, endurance, and energy have improved tremendously. I now am able to play more basketball, tennis, and swimming. The Chi Machine will be excellent for professional athletes all over the USA and the World.

I was very fortunate to have played for the World Champion New York Jets in Super Bowl III. I am very thankful and grateful for The Chi Machine. My health has improved each and everyday of my life. It is the most unique and awesome machine ever used in the health and wellness field." - Earl Christy .

Earl is a Sun Ancon Chi Machine distributor and very happy to demonstrate the wonders of The Chi Machine to friends and family in his community. Earl would love to hear from you and would enjoy giving you a demonstration either personally or in a group setting. He is also a renowned public speaker and would delight in speaking to your company, organization or school about health.


Feel free to Email Earl or telephone him in Florida at  (1) 813-777-2113
Earl's distributor number is: A186043

Who else do you know that would understand health and fitness better than Earl!

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