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Certificate of Approval from Japan for the manufacture of  the Original Chi Machine TM by Skylite Corporation, distributed exclusively by Hsin Ten Enterprise - 1990:


Skylite Corporation Inc. - Located in Shizuoka-shi Shizuoka, Japan, company President Keiichi Ohashi, a Japanese engineer, who collaborated on the development and manufacture of the original Chi Machine, patented in 1988, with the objective of producing a machine that would be a health exerciser best suited to the human body.

This scientific product, the Chi Machine, since recognized as a medical device in Japan, Australia and Canada, promotes increased oxygen, toxin elimination and internal massage based on medical and physiological sciences from Japanese scientist Dr. Inoue's work and research of 38 yrs.

The ORIGINAL Chi Machine first known as Sun Harmony is known today as Sun Ancon clearly written on the front of the machine as seen below.

The ORIGINAL Chi Machine is distributed worldwide, exclusively by HTE (Hsin Ten Enterprise) of Taiwan (global head office).

Skylite Industry continues to work with HTE on the creation of other health devices, besides the Sun Ancon Chi Machine.

Inoue and Pan

The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine creator Dr. Shizuo Inoue collabarated with HTE Chairman Gordon Pan of Taiwan - Dr. Inoue's chosen company for distributorship.

HTE Logo
HTE green on gold logo is found on all the ORIGINAL Sun Ancon Chi Machines, as seen below.

Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine
Asian Chi Machine

The ORIGINAL Sun Ancon Chi Machine has
NO variable speeds.

Only imitation machines have multiple speeds, used as a gimmick and known to cause lower back pain or knee pain for some users, or may raise blood pressure for others. Skylight Inc works with many companies including some which may include imitation 'chi machines' that use multiple speeds.

'Chi Machine' is a TRADEMARKED name belonging exclusively to HTE.

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