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State Sales Tax:

Alabama (AL), 4%
Alaska (AK) FREE
Arizona (AZ), 6.6%
Arkansas (AR), 6%
California (CA), 9.25%
Colorado (CO), 6.1%
Connecticut (CT), 6.35%
Delaware (DE) FREE
District of Columbia (DC), 6%
Florida (FL), 6%
Georgia (GA), 4%
Guam, 4%
Hawaii (HI), 4%
Idaho (ID), 6%
Illinois (IL), 6.25%
Indiana (IN), 6.25%
Iowa (IA), 6%
Kansas (KS), 6.3%
Kentucky (KY), 6%
Louisiana (LA), 4%
Maine (ME), 5%
Maryland (MD), 6%
Massachusetts (MA), 6.25%
Michigan (MI), 6%
Minnesota (MN), 6.875%
Mississippi (MS), 7%
Missouri (MO), 4.225%
Montana (MT) FREE
Nebraska (NE), 5.5%
Nevada (NV), 6.85%
New Hampshire (NH) FREE
New Jersey (NJ), 7%
New Mexico (NM), 5.125%
New York (NY), 7.37%
North Carolina (NC), 4.75%
North Dakota (ND), 5%
Ohio (OH), 6.75%
Oklahoma (OK), 4.5%
Oregon (OR) FREE
Pennsylvania (PA), 6%
Puerto Rico  5.5%
Rhode Island (RI), 7%
South Carolina (SC), 6%
South Dakota (SD), 4%
Tennessee (TN), 7%
Texas (TX), 6.25%
Utah (UT), 4.75%
Vermont (VT), 6%
Virginia (VA), 4%
Washington (WA), 6.5%
West Virginia (WV), 6%
Wisconsin (WI), 5%
Wyoming (WY), 4%
Washington DC, 5.75%

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Please Note:

1. Some cities, country areas and counties apply differently to the above. Tax rate may be higher or lower depending on zip code.

2. Some local jurisdictions do not impose a sales tax at all.

3. HTE USA charges state sales tax calculated by head office computer program at time of order.

4. HTE is an MLM company based completely on distributorship. Therefore as there are distributors present in all 50 states, tax is charged for the state the product is being shipped to (unless tax free state). If HTE was not an MLM company, then the IRS deems that tax can only be charged on products which are shipped from the state where the company head office and warehouses are located.

5. Government may raise taxes at anytime on percentages posted above - company computer program will adjust accordingly.

6. Companies on the internet that do not allegedly charge tax, have already included it in their price.

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