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Prostate Cancer and Thermal Therapy.
Whilst researching, we discovered an interesting medical article stating that apparently only about 25% of men with prostate cancer opt for invasive procedures or radiation, whilst others prefer to try hormone therapy, and other options. Let's take a look ...

Turn up the heat!
In May 2000 a German researcher reported that an experimental technique was used on 440 patients using "a probe inserted into the rectum so cancer cells in the nearby prostate gland may be heated and killed with ultrasound".

The report goes on to say "A recent study showed nearly 80% of the 440 men treated had a cancer-free follow-up test, or biopsy. Nearly all had a clear biopsy after a second treatment of high intensity focused ultrasound, or HIFU." - Source:

What is so interesting is that whilst the protocol itself is rather crude, the heating protocol was successful, which is not surprising as it is scientifically proven that heating up cancer cells weakens them.

Evidence of this is supported by numerous global resources and medical research including and The National Cancer Institute (NCI) - the U.S. government’s principal agency for cancer research.

The NCI Fact Sheet states:

"Hyperthermia - also called thermal therapy or thermotherapy - is a form of heat therapy in which body tissue is exposed to high temperatures (up to 113°F). Research has shown that high temperatures can damage and kill cancer cells, usually with minimal injury to normal tissues

1) By killing cancer cells and damaging proteins and structures within cells.
2) Hyperthermia may shrink tumors."

The entire NCI fact sheet on hyperthermia may be read at

Consult with your health practitioner for guidance regarding thermal therapy if considering this option.

FYI: Thermal Therapy - also called Hyperthermia - is an ancient form of healing more commonly recognized as heat therapy, which is safely and comfortably, generated by Far Infrared heat (FIR).

FIR works best when positioned close to the body, the heat penetrating 2 1/2" or so, working from the inside out of the cells, to combat and terminate cancer. Thermal oncology is an established therapy outside the USA.

Men Only - Options:
1) What is PSA?
The prostate gland produces a substance called PSA (prostate specific antigen). A small amount of PSA can be found in blood, but it is mostly found in semen.

PSA is measured by nanograms per millimeter of blood. Most men have under 4 nanograms. Anything above 4 may indicate a problem. High PSA numbers indicate cancer and must be brought down. 

2) Phone Radiation.
Do NOT carry your cell phone in your pocket! - EMF radiation has proven to cause prostate cancer and sterility.

3) Diet.
A disciplined anti-cancer diet is very important - sugar must be eliminated. The focus is on alkaline food foods and beverages.

4) Dairy products should be avoided
There is now plenty of scientific evidence that excessive calcium intake increases the chance of metastatic prostate cancer.

In 1998, Harvard researchers published a study of dairy product intake among 526 men diagnosed with prostate cancer and 536 similar men not diagnosed with the disease.

The study found a 50% increase in prostate cancer risk and a near doubling of risk of metastatic prostate cancer among men consuming high amounts of dairy products, likely due, say the researchers, to the high total amount of calcium in such a diet.

A Harvard study on the topic, published in October 2001, looked at dairy product intake among 20,885 men and found men consuming the most dairy products had about 32% higher risk of developing prostate cancer than those consuming the least.

5) Habanero Chili Peppers
Reported to program cancer cells to commit suicide (apoptosis), the challenge is they are VERY hot!

6) Flower Pollen and Curcumin (tumeric).
"Studies to support these claims have been conducted throughout the world for nearly 40 years, and the overall success rate seen in patients with BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia), is about 70 percent". - Source:

Pollen Extract:
Source - Search for Pollen-Extract-and-Prostate-Health.pdf

Graminex has the best flower pollen extract products.
Watch the video:


7) Vitamin D.
Some medical studies have found that men with high levels of vitamin D appear to have a lower chance of developing advanced prostate cancer. Since Vitamin D is radiated from the sun, get out your speedo and go have some fun!

8) Pomegranate Juice and the Prostate.
Prostate cancer can be slowed by drinking pomegranate juice which decreases PSA levels.


The choices you make today,
decide your tomorrow's.


  Thermal therapy for home or professional use.

Far infrared thermal (heat) therapy, has a positive, non-toxic, non-invasive effect on the body, supporting, promoting and maintaining natural health and wellness.

When maintaining health, It is important to keep in mind that every persons body, diet, environmental toxins, and emotional state is uniquely different, and we all have very individualized lifestyle and karma. Every individual has different issues to examine and release in order to heal, besides applying natural healing tools.

Checklist of natural protocols.

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