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Cheryle Mauthe - Yahk, BC, Canada.

Cheryle Mauthe-Canada

Cheryle and Shale.

Hello, my name is Cheryle 

I purchased my Chi Machine, Electro Reflex Energizer and Far Infrared Hothouse Dome Sauna from HTE Canada in February 2008. I was looking for a way to cope with my pain and heal myself without medications. I had pretty much lost hope of finding anything to help me.

I have been a stressed person for most of my life and have always had problems with muscle, joint and neck pain. I required treatments with my RMT (Registered Massage Therapist) every month, and sometimes, even weekly. If the muscles were extremely tense, I would develop stress headaches and had difficulty sleeping.  I developed tendonitis in both my wrists (in my 20ís) and my right arm (in my 40ís). In my 30ís, my body couldnít cope with the stress anymore and I developed a stress related illness (IBS). The medications (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) that I have been prescribed over the years have now been stated to cause injury to the digestive system (colon, etc). I also suffer from arthritis, which has started in my big toe joints (I was told this is fairly common, but sounds silly to me) and sometimes my feet and shins ache so much I have difficulty walking.

I have been using the machines for a year now and am thrilled to report that I have not been to a masseuse in months, have only suffered a couple headaches and my back/neck/muscle pain is controlled with the use of the Chi Machine. When my wrists and arm are sore, I use the ERE - I put the palms of my hands on the foot pads (with the machine sitting on my lap), and find immediate relief during the treatment. I have also found that using the Far Infrared Dome provides almost instant relief from my tendonitis and arthritis (and just plain feels good).

I am so impressed with the products that HTE has to offer and donít know how I coped prior to using them. I realize that most of my problems are caused by stress and find the machines soothing and relaxing. They have increased the quality of my life and I would not be without them now.

I will continue to use these machines for the rest of my life and advise anyone who is suffering to give them a try and see what they can do.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to request information.


Give Cheryl a call and have a chat!

(1) 250 424 6976

My Distributor ID# A226606

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