Distrubutor Websites
Distributor Websites.
Hosting by HTE or by an Independent Distributor.

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Websites for existing HTE distributors who have attained a certain level within the HTE company (SUC/Supervisor Level), are available (since August 2008).

Distributors will be charged a set-up fee, plus yearly maintenance. The distributor then receives in return a generic website, with the potential to add and design freely within their limitations and capabilities.

These websites are good for those who do not have the ability to create their own website, but would enjoy having a URL address for their business card, or to refer people to, so they can brows the HTE company website and place an order if desired.

It must be noted there is no possibility of being listed in the top ranking pages of search engines, or of being found by potential customers other than the people you give your website address to. You benefit the company master website but not your own in this respect. Also, web surfers dislike seeing the exact same info over and over again and go elsewhere for different presentation and information.

Independent distributors hosting websites:
This info also applies to independent distributors who offer to set up websites for a fee. Like HTE, these distributors are simply adding your name to a pre-packaged, generic set-up but charging money for an already existing set-up and annual/maintenance web fee, that they have in fact already paid for. There is NO extra charge to them if they add pages i.e. a 'website' with your name on it. You benefit their own master website, whilst your own generic website will not be ranked in the search engines, therefore having no chance of being discovered by the public unless you use the webmasters personal URL plus your name.

Actual Cost:
Cost to set up your own non-generic, personalized website and name, with annual fee included?

We seriously suggest distributors create and design their own website from scratch, which is personalized, informative and inviting to customers. Personal websites also present the opportunity for rankings in the search engines, which is important for those few of you focused on e.commerce. On the downside, it takes at least three years to establish a presence on the internet due to many involved and complex protocols, and must be constantly maintained and updated.

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ANYONE can become a distributor. New distributors are assigned a distributor ID number and given an informative business and health manual by HTE. The rest is up to the individual's depth of personal passion for HTE's products that truly make a difference the world over.

HTE (Hsin Ten Enterprise) - Web Hosting Plan for Distributors:

We keep it simple.
All of our distributors can use the basic business web hosting package since it meets most of their Organization needs.

Why You Should Host Your Website with Us?

1. We keep it simple.
2. Fast and reliable web hosting.
3. Phone support for your web hosting.
4. We help you to build, manage and promote your website

HTE Web Hosting Plans: 
Qualification: Above 2nd level 
HTE Domain Name : Free
BUSINESS Web Hosting - $99.99/year

- HTE Domain: 1
- Online shopping
- Free HTE Email Account
- Step by step user manual
- Phone Support: YES (9am-5pm Business Hours PST) *HTE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

To learn more, please contact HTE customer service dept in our LA office: (Tel) 626-575-9969 or 800-291-6088

Chi Machine International:

This website chimachine4u.com is happy to create a personal page, free of charge. Just send us a photo of yourself that you love and any information about yourself you want to share.

1) Active distributors are added to USA or World directory. Any spoken language will be added to main contact page.
2) We will not duplicate this website for anyone, but our distributors are welcome to use it for research or print out.

No-one may copy anything from this website to another website.
We have watermarked images and a tracking program.


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