sheepskin cover chi machine
Sheepskin Cover.
Chi Machine Footrest Covers.

HTE does NOT make SHEEPSKIN covers for the footrest on the Sun Ancon Chi Machine.
Sheepskin covers do not fit properly and have been known to occasionally jam the machine.

Sheepskin cover
Example of unapproved sheepskin footrest cover.

Footrest cover
Official HTE Sun Ancon Chi Machine footrest cover.

The Chi Machine was originally sold without a footrest cover due to acupressure points in the ankles being stimulated, thus enhancing the Chi Machine experience. However due to ankle discomfort, a cover was created for those who prefer their ankle bones be cushioned during the oscillation of the machine.

Footrest Covers are now automatically included FREE with all Sun Ancon Chi Machines. Machine washable, padded, thick, soft and stretchy - grey polyester and cotton blend. Extra covers may be purchased if desired.


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