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If you do not have a website but as a distributor you would like one, here are a few options ...

1) ISOQI APP - Introduced April 2017:

HTE has a phone App called ISOQI. This App is a compact version of the HTE website, including their shopping cart. As most people worldwide now depend on their phone for most every aspect of their life, this company App is a perfect choice for HTE distributors who can use it at anytime, anywhere.

ISOQI App includes a shopping cart, videos and product info. For more info, contact us, or HTE head office (1) 626 575 9969


2) Distributors hosting websites for clients:

Independent distributors offer to set up websites by adding your name to a pre-packaged, generic template, charging you a fee for an already existing set-up and annual/maintenance web fee, that they have already paid for.

There is no extra charge to them if they add pages i.e. a 'website' with your name on it. You benefit their own master website, whilst your own generic website will not be ranked in the search engines, therefore having no chance of being discovered by the public unless you use the webmasters personal URL plus your name.

Actual Cost of Personal Website:
Cost to set up your own non-generic, personalized website and name, with annual fee included?
Approx. $100.00 - Try IPOWERWEB.COM

3) E.Commerce:
We seriously suggest distributors create and design their own website from scratch, which is personalized, informative and inviting to customers. Personal websites also present the opportunity for rankings in the search engines, which is important for those few of you focused on e.commerce.

On the downside, it takes at least three years to establish a presence on the internet due to many involved and complex protocols, and the website must be constantly maintained and updated. It's a huge amount of work and entails hours of ongoing research, constant optimization on many technological levels and a knowledge of SEO really makes a difference.

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Anyone can become a distributor. New distributors are assigned a distributor ID number and given an informative business and health manual by HTE which may be downloaded. The rest is up to the individual's depth of personal passion for HTE's products that truly make a difference the world over.

Chi Machine International Website:

This website - chimachine4u.com - is happy to create a single personal page, free of charge. Just send us a photo of yourself that you love and any information about yourself you want to share. We want you to benefit and do well as it benefits the company as a whole.

1) Active distributors are added to USA or World directory. Any spoken language will be added to main contact page.

2) Sorry but we will not duplicate this entire website for anyone, but our distributor downline is welcome to use it for research or print out.

3) We encourage you to also create your own website regardless.


No-one may copy anything from this website to another website and expect to be invisible. We have watermarked images and a tracking program. This is to prevent duplicate content and to importantly maintain originality.


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