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Become a Distributor with HTE.
General Membership. No Obligation Ever. 

NO Inventory needed ever.
NO product purchase necessary to join.
NO monthly sales or volume requirements

If you want to earn extra income and be financially rewarded as you help people and make a difference, this is a cool business opportunity and perhaps a path you have been looking for. All you need is compassion, the ability to listen, the time to research and read, and a desire to reach out, educate, and guide people to better health and an improved quality of life mentally and physically.

Stay a general member or become a
serious distributor earning commission.


Use our free cell phone App called iSOQI
Doing business has never been so easy.

It is only during times of sickness and disease that we realize without health, life becomes a struggle or comes to a standstill and dreams are put on a shelf. It is never too late to change. It is never too late to try. What do you have to lose? Helping others makes YOU feel good and gives you purpose. When would NOW be a great time to begin?

Join our International team of HTE Independent distributors - across Canada, USA and Asia - and help to change lives for the better, either within your own community, or reach out and help people across your state, or country, or even the world where borders do not exist thanks to the internet and social media. Business is now truly international.


The world has no borders on the internet.
HTE has branch offices worldwide.

World economy remains fairly stable but uncertain, however, health care is ALWAYS needed. Here is a chance to create an income to help yourself as well as others.

No matter what a person is challenged with health-wise, these machines make a difference. Passive aerobic exercise for the foundation of health, Far Infrared heat therapy for serious healing, and electrotherapy to re-energize the body - they all create health benefits related to pain relief, mental focus, blood circulation, back challenges, breathing challenges, toxin accumulation, sleep, stress, and much more.

Many users reported the machines have recovered their health, including an end to pain, costly medication and doctors bills. The Sun Ancon Chi Machine used alone or in conjunction with the Far Infrared Dome, the Electro Reflex Energizer or E-Power Machine, create powerful, beneficial and sometimes simply amazing results.

Natural healing machines that really work.
Known as the SOQI family.

The demand for alternative, natural and safe health and wellness products is internationally huge, growing and expanding dramatically everywhere - especially in America, a country most in need. The epidemic of obesity with health complications, rampant toxic diets, unsafe vaccinations and poisonous prescription medications, has created a population of sick and diseased adults and children that desperately need help. This is where WE come in.

FYI: Millennials love natural healing products and they prefer to avoid doctors and toxic medications as they have an acute awareness of the corruption in the Western medical community which does not serve to heal but to create addiction, offering only toxic band-aids for physical symptoms, as opposed to focusing on healing the source and erasing the root cause.

Over 100 Million Americans and millions of people globally, are looking for natural solutions to everyday health challenges. Becoming a distributor is an great opportunity for health care professionals, both conventional and alternative, as well as yourself, your family and friends.

All four healing machines are lightweight and portable. Any one of the four machines are a perfect compliment to any organization involved in health, fitness, medical care or alternative healing, as well as anyone between the ages of 4 to 100yrs.

Business today revolves around social media and the internet. This company has set up free cell phone App's and also offers free personal links to your own website/shopping cart so that you can be part of this rapidly developing business world. Do not worry if you are challenged or intimidated by today's technology, these App's are very easy to use and puts business at your fingertips. Your cell phone can become your office.

The SOQI Machines: No side effects, no risk of injury, no medication, no needles, no invasive procedures, no sweat. Natural healing for the entire family and everyone in your community.


The machines are for everyone.


International distributors waiting for the bullet train in Taiwan. All ages and backgrounds, a cross section of nationalities.

HTE has distributors all over the world and every few years (pre-covid), we would get together and travel internationally to share our experiences, to have fun, to learn, and to celebrate life at a huge international conference. We each understand the great need for natural health and wellness in all walks of life:

Children and Adults that need mental focus and relaxation:
The Chi Machine promotes mental focus and relaxation. Blocked negative energy and trapped toxins are released thereby enabling a healthier body. Increased oxygen promotes clearer, focused, and calmer communication of the mind. Stimulation of the Autonomic Nervous System moves the body into rest, repair and relaxation removing stress.

Masseuses, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Naturopaths, Optometrists:
The Chi Machine loosens up the body, relaxes and preps the client, thereby enhancing the session for both the user and the practitioner.

Chiropractors report that they do not have to fight with bones anymore.
Chiropractors put their clients on the Chi Machine for 3-5 minutes before treatment and the bones "just fall into place". Osteopaths who work with soft tissues say that muscles unlock in just 3-5 minutes. You can charge your patients for time spent on the Chi Machine. and also bill your patient's insurance company for the session. You can sell Chi Machines to your patients, thereby creating additional income and mutual benefit.

Psychologists, Counselors, Hypnotherapists:
Due to the profound relaxation created by the Sun Ancon Chi Machine, therapists have found an increase in session effectiveness when a patient uses it for a few minutes before they begin.

Imagine your local health club or yoga class
using the Chi Machine to warm up and cool down.

Health Clubs, Day Spas, Retreats:
a) The Sun Ancon Chi Machine is great for warm-up and cool down sessions before and after a workout. It is a super effortless way to tone-up, alongside steady, ordinary weight loss if used on a consistent daily basis. 

b) The E-Power machine works on every cell, beautifying the skin, boosting negative ions which keep us mentally happy and well, promoting cellular detoxification, reconnecting electrical circuitry, lowering blood sugar, activating ATP which creates hours of energy, and supporting pH balance. The anti-aging machine.

c) The Far Infrared Dome Sauna works on the cells from the inside out removing serious toxins, accelerates healing, rapidly relieves pain, swelling and inflammation, and relaxes both mind and body. A very powerful machine for serious healing challenges.

d) The Electro Reflex Energizer focuses on powerful stimulation of the feet and legs, relieving pain, promoting circulation and feeling (good for loss of sensation), or use the electro-pads (TENS units), to target problem areas of tension, soreness and pain. Hands and wrists may also be placed on top of the machine.

Rehab Specialists (Seniors, the Physically Challenged, Sports and Detox Centers):
A large percentage of the population are physically unable to exercise. With the Chi Machine, benefits of aerobic activity can be achieved comfortably, safely and effortlessly. This exerciser effectively activates the body's natural cleansing systems and stimulates mental focus thus increasing overall health and well-being without putting stress or strain on joints and organs.

Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Martial Arts Students - Alternative Medical Healing Practitioners:
The euphoric, energetic feeling created by a session on the Sun Ancon Chi Machine makes this a perfect market. The body's natural life force of Chi energy is stimulated. An Alpha meditative state of mind is induced via the precise figure of eight motion.


German soccer coach trained with the Chi Machine. Get your kids sports team involved: basketball, football, swimming, track, tennis, hockey etc.

Athletes, Coaches - Sports Medicine:
The Chi Machine helps athletes loosen up before competitions and workouts, also removing lactic acid accumulation after exertion, thereby preventing muscle soreness and stiffness. This effortless passive aerobic workout helps get oxygen to the entire body and brain, promoting mental focus. We also recommend the E-Power machine or the Far Infrared Dome for accelerated healing of sports injuries and for mental relaxation.

Business Executives, Parents and Anyone in a Stressful Environment:
Taking a 5 or 10 minute refreshing, relaxing break during the day will make even the most stressed person operate at a much more efficient, happier, calmer level. The "No Sweat" Chi Machine makes it quick and easy (even in a business suit or dress), which is exactly what people want and need, in today's unpredictable, challenging and stressful world. Productivity and morale is greatly increased. The E-Power inparticular removes headaches/migraines, pain and soreness, and energizes tired bodies.

Your own family and friends who see YOUR benefits in using the Chi Machine:
Using your own Chi Machine daily, you become an example of the benefits that can be achieved. Your personal experience and the difference you will have mentally, emotionally and physically is a great experience to share with others. Any of the other three machines will target specific health challenges. For energy and anti-aging, use the E-Power. For serious health challenges, use the Far Infrared Dome Sauna.



The cost to become a Sun Ancon Chi Machine Distributor is only US$29.95 - each year you may renew your membership if you choose to remain active, for US$25.00. When you join, you will receive a business manual containing health guidance, product information and company details - the manual is available for instant download.

You will immediately be assigned a Distributor ID number so you can begin selling and receiving commission checks which are delivered around the 16th of each month from Los Angeles, CA, USA.

You will be given a password to access your personal account info online, including your personal sales, accumulated commission, and also be able to track FedEx shipping time for clients.

iPhone, iPad, Androids and Tablets.
Your own mobile office.

HTE launched a fabulous cell phone App in 2017 to keep up with technology and the world we live in. The App makes being a distributor super easy - It is a condensed duplicate of the company website, with your own shopping cart.

It's useful for viewing videos over coffee, reading testimonials, or for looking up product info, getting news, sharing with social media platforms, checking your account, and several other bells and whistles. It makes life easier for those on the go, and distributors whose cell phone never leaves their side ... and yes of course it's free to download. It's called ISOQI US.

The older generation may be technically challenged but this is really easy to download and really easy to understand and use. If you need help, go ask a teenager or millennial for fast guidance - or you can call head office.

Your own Website/Shopping Cart:
HTE will give you two different links that you may include in your website, text messages, emails or business cards.

1) The first URL link will be to your own shopping cart which you may give to your customers so they can browse and place orders online themselves under your ID.

2) The second URL is your personal distributor webpage link that makes the HTE company website look like your own, with your name, email and phone number appearing on the front page.

After you become a distributor, contact head office to set up this feature for yourself. Simply write a personal statement, and include a photo (upload to your online account), which you will then email to head office so they can create your personal page and URL link.

Social Media: HTE can be followed on Facebook and Instagram. Many Thursday's at 5pm is ISOQI Night on Facebook, a live video seminar/meeting where you can interact, learn and grow. There is also usually a Flash Sale, meaning a machine will be chosen to have a price reduction thru Sunday night.


Is this the business for you?
Do you want to help others?


P.S. The entire family can benefit.
The market for these machines is ongoing because they are for virtually everyone and all ages. The Far Infrared Dome can even be used by pets.

HTE's distributor marketing plan is designed to help anyone to create an additional income. It's such a cliche, but there is no income limit for those who are passionate and sincerely want to help people - a pay check becomes a lovely side-reward for changing other peoples lives.

You don't like MLM? Me neither!
I do this because a) the machines truly work and b) I get to make a difference.

HTE, the exclusive company that distributes the Sun Ancon Chi Machine, is the only MLM company that I am truly comfortable to be involved with and I am proud of to sell their life changing machines I constantly receive phenomenal feedback internationally, as well as personally enjoying outstanding results. It's VERY important to me to make a difference in this world by helping people, and these machines have given me a way i can do this, AND i can pay my bills and not worry.

If you like MLM and want to focus on building a downline, the sky is the limit for you.

If you don't want to focus on building a downline it does not matter. You can earn a really great income by simply focusing on helping people to be healthy and well, by recommending the appropriate machine for the health challenges your customer is dealing with - Research, Listen, Truly Care and Help!

Income Opportunity
Independent review of HTE the company and MLM.

You can make HTE distributorship a part-time or full-time home based business.

- Established and respected, award winning International company.

- Still untapped, always expanding, billion dollar global wellness, health and fitness market.

- The Chi Machine is an exclusive multi-patented product with medical research to back it up.

- Far Infrared therapy and electrotherapy are becoming more widely recognized and in demand.

- Over 30 yrs of testimonials - The healing machines are cutting edge technology and really do work!

- Simple and easily run business.

- You can rise to higher levels, at the pace of your own choosing.

- Once any distributor level is achieved, you never lose it.


sales kit


USA Commission Levels
As a General Member/Level 1, you will be able to sell HTE products and receive commission as soon as you personally make 45 BVP (points), which is normally equal to buying x1 Chi Machine. You then graduate to Level 2/Distributor - commission is 15%. Once you accumulate 360 BVP, you graduate to Level 3/Supervisor - commission is 24%, and so forth.

What is a BVP:
HTE assigns each machine and product a Business Volume Point (BVP) value. By accumulating these points from your own personal sales, and your downline, you qualify for advancement to a higher level in the compensation plan, and a higher percentage commission.

All commissions use BVP for the computation. One BVP equals 10.

Commission Formula: BVP x 10 x distributor level % = Commission.

Keep in mind that sale prices lower the BVP's, so commission becomes slightly less.


Distributor Level Summary Chart:
Commission on Chi Machine and FIR Dome.
This is an example of approx earnings:

mLm chart

Chi Machine = 45 BVP / FIR Dome = 80 BVP -

ERE = 40 BVP / E-Power = 56 BVP

Details and in-depth information for those seriously interested in building an MLM downline, can be read in the HTE manual which you may download when you join.



Chi Machine International
Personal Offer For New Members.

If you decide to join my team and become an active distributor, you will added to my list of distributor contacts - USA  or Canada - I will also design (at no charge) a distributor web page if you would like one, which i will add to my website so you can get exposure plus provide a source of info for your customers.

Simply email me a favorite photo of yourself and your bio, along with any personal experience with the machines, or anything else of interest that will help people in their quest for health and wellness.

Many of my distributors are professional alternative health care givers, as well as seniors and parents, who all want to help people be well, besides generating an extra income.

Know that i am here for you 24/7 and have nearly 20 years of experience to share, both medically and technically. Testimonials on all the machines, are available by request (the F D A does not allow specific medical testimonials to be published).

If you speak a language besides English, let me know so i can assign customers that speak that language to you.

Making a difference, helping people:
I focus on helping people and making a difference, and i would like you to do so also. This business is all about people's lives, and oftentimes serious situations, such as cancer. Compassion, true caring and knowledge is important. If you only want to focus on money, this is not a good fit for you. Money is simply a reward. This is a business of the heart, not your bank account.


Company Adventures:
Pre-COVID, HTE had special trips with the company, awarded to distributors that acquire a set number of points, or a certain number of sales of machines, usually within a 3 month period. The trips cover your airfare and hotel accommodation, and you may even bring your family.

Every few years there was a huge International conference held somewhere exciting with wonderful local adventures such as the Great Wall of China, the Royal Palace in Bangkok, Thailand, and the Pyramids of Teotuhuacan, Mexico. For 2009, the conference was on the interesting tropical island of Taiwan. More 'local trips' have included, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, San Diego, the Canadian Niagra Falls, San Francisco, Alaskan and Bahamas cruises, and a quick 3 day cruise down to Mexico and back in 2016.

Taiwan International Conference and Trip - September 2014:
I was given the #1 International Distributor, HTE Global Award - a huge honor and surprise - and i got to travel around the tropical island of Taiwan (second time), all expenses paid.

HTE China Tour
Great memories.



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USAUSA - US$29.95 
Commission checks are mailed out on the 16th of each month.

Mexican Americans and Vietnamese Americans are welcome to information printed in Spanish or Vietnamese by request.

Annual renewal is US$25.00

Canadian distributors work through the USA head office in Los Angeles.

Commission checks will be mailed to Canada in American dollars around the 16th of each month.

2021 International:
HTE Americas is no longer shipping overseas. The company also no longer has a head office in Australia and closed the warehouse in Germany. This means unless you reside in Asia, Canada or the USA, it is not possible to become a distributor at this time.


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