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FIR Heating Pad Control Instructions

How to set the control - easy step by step instructions.

                    Heating-Pad Control.

Regular size FIR Heating Pad.

1) Press the power button found on the very bottom.

2) Make sure the lock symbol found on the top right is unlocked and the word 'setup' is displayed. If not, hold on to the lock symbol (on the left) until you hear a beep. This will unlock the lock symbol and have 'setup' appear.

3) Press on the open book symbol on the right side to change the temperature first and then the time.

4) The temperature displayed on the bottom will start to blink which means it can now be changed. The temperature will first appear in Celsius and if you press the book again it will appear as Fahrenheit.

5) Press the up and down arrows to change the temperature. 68-131F / 20-55C

6) Once the temperature is determined, press on the book symbol to change the time.

7) The time displayed on the top will start to blink. Press the up and down arrows to change the time. The maximum time is 60 minutes.

8) Once the temperature and time has been chosen, hold the lock bottom on the left until you hear a beep. This should lock the symbol on the top right and the word 'setup' disappears.

9) The FIR heating pad is now ready to use.

10) Repeat the steps each time you turn the pad on.

                      heating pad

Size: 19" x 28" / 610 mm x 914 mm

FIR Heating Pad
Far Infrared heating pad.

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