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How To Become A Distributor
If You Live In Europe, the Middle East,
South Africa or South America.


So you want to become an International distributor and you don't live in North America or the Pacific (USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand). Unless you have an American social security number and an American bank account, sign up through the Australian head office.

AUSTRALIA - Sydney head office controls all sales for UK and Europe. All product prices are set in Australian dollars, including commission and membership.

1) No percentage is removed from your check for tax reasons (as in the USA).
2) You do not have to pay tax (you do in the USA).

3) Commission checks are wired directly into your bank account (USA sends checks within America only).
4) You are given a distributor ID number and can sell to Australia, New Zealand and across Europe. Anyone living in the Middle East, S. Africa, S.Korea, the Philippines and Japan are also welcome to become distributors thru Australia.
5) To place an order for USA or Canada, simply contact their head office with your Australian ID number which is accepted there also.

6) You may place orders via the company international shopping cart, telephone, fax or email.
7) VAT is applicable for all countries except Switzerland and Norway who are exempt.
8) All repairs are done in Sydney, Australia for Asia Pacific, or Germany, France and UK for Europe.

9) Price to become a distributor is - AU$38.00

Sign Up Here

Your distributor ID number is good for all countries except Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia - these countries have different ID numbers and some operate as SOQI Spa franchises.

For inquiries and contact info: Asian Head Offices

The USA, which covers South and Central America, cannot sign up distributors in South America at this time, due to complicated political and banking reasons. However, policy is constantly changing so please check with us - however, 30% will be deducted from commission checks, unless you have an American social security number. Also, the USA head office does not mail commission checks out of the country.

South Africa has a warehouse/logistics center and a representative, but is controlled by head office in Thailand.

Orders may optionally be shipped out from USA or Australia, but freight is very expensive - it is advised to find a private shipping company that costs less.

Otherwise, please contact the Thailand head office who control South African sales and SOQI franchises. Email:

Vietnam is the latest country to have a head office. Please contact one of our local Vietnamese distributors in USA for info and guidance.

Contact David for sales and distributorship in Israel.

MIDDLE EAST DISTRIBUTORSHIP - Best to work thru Australian head office. USA head office will deduct 30% from commission checks, unless you have an American social security number and does not mail commission checks out of the country. Australia wires commission directly to your bank account.

Freight & Voltage Information:

Freight prices vary from country to country so check with us which head office has the best price. Freight prices to Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America and the Caribbean are generally very expensive. Many customers prefer to use their own shipping company, which is much cheaper.

MACHINE AND VOLTAGE 110v and 220v:

a) The Sun Ancon Chi Machine and the Far Infrared Hothouse Dome are available 110v or 220v from Canada and Australia.

b) The ERE (Electro Reflex Energizer) is available within USA and Canada only - 110v to 240v dual voltage. The ERE can be ordered and shipped to Europe from USA head office in Los Angeles.

c) The E-Power Machine is available 110v to 220v dual voltage from USA, Canada, and Australia.

d) The SOQI Bed is available 110v Canada, or 220v via Australia for Europe, shipped from German warehouse.

TRANSFORMERS are NOT recommended as they prevent the machines from working properly.

USA, Canada and Australia each have different special offers, each quarter - based on currency fluctuation and global market situation.

How to Become a Distributor
USA or Canada - Australia, NZ, Europe.


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