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Far Infrared Back Support Belt,
also used as a Waist Cincher.

Far Infrared Belt

Ideal for anyone who needs lower back support,
better posture, pain relief, or would like to use it
for waist training.


Sale: US$80.00

For Both Men and Women.

Suitable for students who sit for long hours, anyone prone to back injury and people who need relief from back pain such as long distance drivers, taxi drivers, construction workers, workers required to sit or stand all day long, teachers, computer users, seniors, athletes, and even soldiers who frequently have to stand for long periods of time.

May be used as a waist cincher by girls who want to train their waist.
* Relaxes muscles.
* Reduces fatigue.
* Far Infrared Heat.
* Promotes blood circulation.
* Supports metabolism thus helping toxin elimination.
* Strengthens waist muscles and ligaments - relieves minor aches and pains.
* Good response for strained lumbar muscle or lumbar aches.
* Correct and maintain your body posture.
* Relief for lower back pain.
* Supports waist line maintenance.
* Great as a waist cincher!

This lightweight back support belt can recover the body's energy, enhance supporting strength of the muscles and ligaments of the waist and ease the pain in the lower back and waist caused by day to day activities that place extra strain on stomach or back muscles.

Strong, durable, long lasting, well made construction.

FIR Waist Support Belt Size Range:

S       23"- 27" / 58.4 cm - 68.6 cm
M      28"- 32" / 71.1 cm - 81.3 cm
L       33"- 37" / 83.8 cm - 94 cm
XL     38"- 43" / 96.5 cm - 109.2 cm
XXL   44"- 52" / 11.8 cm - 132.1 cm

Continuous effect good for 10 years of use.

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Far Infrared back support belt.
FIR Waist and Back Support Belt
Design Features and Benefits:

Tailored into straight strip with a part in the middle curved, it not only fits the waist well and has good air permeability but also helps to reduce injuries caused by sports, enhancing the supporting strength of the waist, warming the body.

* Being made of natural wafer-like energy-generating ceramic material with FIR functions according to the principles of human engineering, the product can produce rays with a wave-length of 8 to 12 microns which can create energy increasing resonance, vibration and expansion of the body's molecules and atoms in cells, stimulating the blood circulation and thereby increasing oxygen, thus reaching an effect which is similar to that produced by Qigong practice.

* With great permeability it can penetrate deep into the body efficiently, relieving aches and enhancing the self-healing ability of the human body.

* This product is suitable for any one (men and women, old and young) and can be worn at any time all year long.

* Being made of non-magnetic material, the energy release of this product is kept stable without disturbing the body's self-adjustment function.

* It is one of effective auxiliary products for Qigong practitioners because it is made of poromeric material with special internal structures which do not cause dryness-heat, and the wafer-like energy-generating ceramic material in this product cover all the arteries and veins around the waist.

* With energy-generating particles, this product can stimulate the circulation of the blood and cause the muscles and joints in the waist to relax.

* Excellent for correcting body posture and preventing slouching thereby strengthening and promoting muscle support.

Fast Facts:

* Material Quality - Made of refined 100% pure natural energy generating ceramic material. Enhanced stitching and knitting. Special design to allow body ventilation. Heavy duty velcro for closure.

* Far Infrared range - 8-12 microns.
* Far Infrared generating source - Bio ceramic rubber strips.
* Energy Life Limit - Over 10 years.
* Air Permeability - Very Good.
* Thermal Insulation Property - Very Good.
* Allergic Reaction - None.
* Clean ability - Cleanable without losing energy generating function - Hand wash only - Air dry.
* Applicability - Ideal and safe for anyone who needs back support and relief from stressed muscles.

FIR Belt

FIR Belt2

- It is suggested that pregnant women should not use it.
- It is suggested that women should not use during monthly period.
- Do not use when you have a fever.

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Customer Experiences:

1) Gina Simpson, CA, USA - Secretary Commercial Real Estate, March 2017:

"I used the belt initially for good posture and back support as im sitting long periods of time. I now also use it as a waist trainer under my clothes. It helps me stop from over-eating and is keeping my waistline from expanding! I really like that i can adjust the velcro closure to whatever mood i'm in. Well made, it's so much better than a cheap flimsy version i looked at in Walgreens. Yes, this was well worth my dollars."

2) Sherri Ingvarsson, USA - Certified Medical Assistant, Phlebotomist:

"My back condition started about 22yrs ago with a herniated disc at L5-S1. I am very fortunate that i have not needed surgery. Throughout the years i have been through many hours of physical therapy and i have had cortisone injections. The disc space at my L5-S1 is almost gone and i have a small amount of spinal stenosis at L4-5. The discs at L5-S1 and L4-5 are bulging and cause "flare" ups of muscle spasms, and numbness and tingling in my right foot and toes. I have deep tissue massage once a month and that really helps keep me healthy. I keep up a good exercise routine with aerobic exercise, strength training and stretching.

Eight hours a day i am standing, bending, twisting, which is not what i should be doing with my back. I work 3-4 days a week. My back has been "acting up" due to the work that i do.

This belt is different than others i have tried. Not only does it give me the support that i need, it radiates a wonderful subtle heat. The belt doesn't get hot, but you feel a gentle heat that seems to massage your muscles. I have become very attached to this support belt. I have taken it off during the day to see the difference and within an hour i am putting it back on. Now when i am done with work i don't feel sore and tired. This seems to help keep my legs feeling better, my back, and just keeps me in better overall condition." - Extracted from HTE USA Journal 2010.

3) Henrietta Somervell, UK - Infrared (FIR) Back Support Belt and The Sun Ancon Chi Machine:

"I am writing to say how delighted I am with the FIR belt. As I told you, I broke the upper part of my right humerus in a fall on the ice at the beginning of the year. This kind of break can't be immobilized in plaster and is consequently very uncomfortable.

As a result of having to lie on my back at night, I was only managing to sleep two or three hours before the pain would waken me and because of exhaustion and having to sit or lie about at awkward angles, my muscles between the shoulder blades went into spasm and began to pull the vertebrae out of alignment, something that has happened now and again since I had my accident some years ago - it's very painful and feels as if there is an arrow head lodged in my spine.

I was in great discomfort and did not know how much longer I could keep going before collapsing through sleep deprivation and pains in my back and arm.

I had bought a Chi Machine from you at the end of last year which I was finding was having the most amazing results in terms of energy gain and general well-being. One of my friends was so impressed by the way I looked that she has since bought a Chi Machine. Because of the broken arm, I couldn't use the machine. One night I suddenly remembered the information I got with the Chi Machine, which included a flyer about the FIR Belt and decided to order one.

When it arrived I put it on and within an hour noticed a warmth in my back and a gradual feeling of release. By the end of the day, the muscles between the shoulder blades had relaxed, releasing the tension in the spine and the pain in the area had abated. I kept the belt on all night and managed to get six hours sleep before the pain woke me.

That was about two weeks ago. Since then, I have worn the belt 24 hours a day and have made extraordinary progress. It helps me sleep and the problem in my back has completely disappeared. I also notice that I now have the most superb, easy carriage and can sit bolt upright for ages without aches and consequent slumping of the muscle in the lumbar region because of the gentle strangely effortless support from the belt.

Digestion and nerves have vastly improved and the arm is knitting fast, due, I am sure in a large part to the abatement of pain elsewhere and the lessening of exhaustion, both of which seem to be directly connected with the wearing of the belt.

I am tremendously impressed and grateful for all this technology has done for me. As you know, I love going on my Chi Machine and the results I am getting from my FIR belt have convinced me that this is something that I would like more people to know about. There are so many things on the market that promise relief from pain. I have tried all sorts - from magnets to herbs - but I have never got such an amazing result as that which I have got from the Sun Ancon products. I am now putting aside funds to get the Far Infrared Sauna Dome

I would like to say thank you to Doctor Shizuo Inoue (for the Chi Machine), and for all this wonderful Japanese technology. I am truly grateful."

waist cincher

Far Infrared Thermal Therapy

History, Technology and Benefits.

Far Infrared Belt,
Lower Back Support,

Waist Cincher.

                        Waist support


Sale: US$

(reg. price $100.00)

Available: S-M-L-XL-XXL

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