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The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine.

  Chi MachineSM888
USA/Canada - 110v 
Australia/Europe 220v

The Sun Ancon Chi Machine:
Featured on TV Show - 'The Doctors".

US$549.00  US$449.00
CA$720.00  CA$529.00
AU$630.00  AU$570.00

CM bag*
Chi Machine Carry Bag for Travelers:

FREE Footrest Cover with every Chi Machine.

Sun Ancon Chi Machine

Internationally acclaimed home therapy portable medical machine - oxygenate, detox, spinal alignment, pain management, improved circulation, mental focus, passive aerobic exerciser, sounder sleep,
relaxation and more.

Chi Machine Specifications
10.5 x 13.5 x 8.25
33.7cm x 30.2cm x 21.2cm
Self Timer: 2 to 30 minutes.
(20 mins max recommended)
Swing Frequency: 140 oscillations/minute.
One speed only, as invented by Dr. Inoue.
Swing Travel: 1.5 inches / 37mm
Colors: White and Grey.
Weight: 15.5lb / 7kg

Available according to country voltage:
Transformers NOT recommended.

USA, Canada, Australia, Europe.

Chi Machine Padded Footrest Cover.
Footrest Cover:
US$3.00 - CA$4.50 - AU$3.00

Automatically included FREE with all Chi Machines, for ankle comfort.
Machine washable, padded, thick, soft and stretchy, grey polyester, cotton blend.

NOTE: Sheepskin covers are not approved/made by HTE. Not recommended as they fit incorrectly and have been known to cause the Chi Machine to jam.

"Aerobic Respiration Exercise and Health".
Dr. Inoue's Book:
US$8.00 - CA$12.00 - AU$13.65

History of Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine written by its creator Dr. Shizuo Inoue.  An absolutely amazing little book with a wealth of lifelong valuable health information, focusing on Acid and Alkaline pH balance.

164 pages - Copyright HTE USA 2000
Medical Research Booklets From Flinders University.
Clinical Trials:

Chi Machine Clinical Trial Results

Finders University Australia independently produced three patient booklets detailing the medical research results for the Sun Ancon Chi Machine, outlining:

a) Secondary Lymphodema
b) Venous Edema
Both booklets available in USA - US$8.00 each.

c) Patient Testimonials.
Before and after Flinders clinical trials - available ONLY from Australia.

All three Medical Research Booklets, are available in English, Chinese or German.

Far Infrared Ray (FIR) - Hothouse Sauna Dome.
Chi machine and Hothouse dome
FIR Hothouse Dome and Chi Machine
shown being used together.
The dome comes in two sizes, Regular or Grande.

1) Far Infrared Hothouse Dome:
US$899.00  US$799.00
AU$1,399.00  AU$1,049.00  

2) Grande Hothouse Dome:
US$999.00  US$899.00
CA$1,499.00  CA$950.00
AU$1,699.00  AU$1,139.00

FIR Hothouse Carry Bag for Travelers:
US$59.99 - Grande US$69.99
CA$90.00 - Grande CA$100.00
AU$89.00 - Grande AU$99.00

USA, Canada, Australia, Europe.

-Hothouse dome

Far Infrared Hothouse Dome

For body weight less than180 pounds.

Waist size less than 38 inches.

Far Infrared portable medical machine for inflammation, swelling, pain, serious detox, skin problems, tissue regeneration, breathing problems, blood circulation, relaxation, and heat therapy.

Far Infrared Hothouse Specifications:
Weight: 13lbs /5.7kgs
Length: 14" Width: 25"
Height: 12 1/2" 
Side extension stands: 6 1/2" each -
will raise height to 18"
Self Timer: 15 minute increments.
(60 minutes max recommended)
Colors: White and Grey.
110v or 220v

Grande Hothouse:

13.8% larger than the original.

For body weight above 180 pounds.
Waist size over 38 inches.

"The Scientific Basis and Therapeutic Benefit
of FIR Therapy".
FIR Book:

Written by acclaimed Japanese medical doctor and researcher, Sasaki Kyuo. Extensive Far Infrared Ray medical info, research, benefits and patient results.

264 pages - Copyright HTE Australia 2001

Exclusive to HTE Australia.

Far Infrared Back Support Belt.
FIR Belt
FIR Belt:
CA$149.00  CA$95.00
Far Infrared Belt - Back and Muscle Support 

Unique Far Infrared heat back support belt, for pain relief and posture support.

Available S-M-L-XL
SOQI Total Health Spa - Far Infrared.
SOQI Total Health Spa

The Sun Ancon Chi Machine combined

with three Far Infrared Hothouse Dome
for alternative healing in the comfort of your home.

These portable, alternative medical machines, are professionally an excellent choice for health clubs, day spas, health clinics and yoga centers, as well as martial arts practitioners and athletes.

Benefits include oxygenation, aerobic exercise, soothing massage, serious cell detoxification, pain management, lymphatic drainage and far Infrared heat therapy.

One to three domes may be used depending on severity of physical illness or disease.



Luxury set up for spas, healing centers and home. 3 FIR Hothouse and 1 Sun Ancon Chi Machine mounted on massage table, with built-in music MP3 player and one control panel. Curtains included.

US$4,799.00 Grande  US$4,499.00
CA$6,499.00 Grande  CA$5,200.00
AU$7,200.00 Grande  AU$4,599.00

Grande SOQI Bed - larger than original - now discontinued - so as to accommodate bigger bodies.


USA, Canada, Australia, Europe.


Electrotherapy Electro Reflex Energizer.

ERE: Includes six electro pads.
US$450.00  US$419.00
CA$699.00  CA$500.00
110v to 240v Dual Voltage

ERE Carry Bag US$24.99
- CA$45.00
Electro Reflex Energizer

Foot Reflexology and Leg Massager electrotherapy. POWERFUL stimulation and relief, for those suffering from pain and swelling of the feet, ankles and legs, and loss of sensation. Hands and wrists may also be placed on machine.

This lightweight, potable medical machine includes six electro pads which act like TENS units.

Available from HTE USA and Canada.
Europe and Australia may order from USA.

USA, Canada, Australia, Europe.

Electrotherapy - E-Power.

E-Power: Includes one belt.
(has port for two belts).
Includes silver indicator pen.

110v or 220v

E-P Carry Bag

REVOLUTIONARY electotherapy portable medical machine, increases the negative electrical field and negative ions within the body. It boosts the ATP anti-aging enzyme, oxygen reserves, metabolism, energy and immune system.

The electrical simulation this machine conveys, reconnects the electrical circuitry of the body thus relieving pain and creating healing.

The E-Power also aids pH balance, boosts negative ions, softens the skin and addresses eight different body systems.

Extra Belt:

 Bianca Face Masks

Bianca Face Masks: US$49.00
Six beauty masks per box, to be used with the E-Power for 30mins.

Health Supplements.

BetaLoe Immune System Protection - US$29.99

Go Green - US$44.99
One scoop per day, will last one month.


Th FDA asked us not to print testimonials and research for this outstanding immune supplement. If your immune system is weak or run down, this is an absolute must have.

Are you vulnerable during 'flu season'? - this can protect you.

100% natural and safe ingredients - Aloe Vera and Beta Glucan.

Available from USA.

Go Green

Organic nutritional supplement - pH balance  providing optimal cell nutrition, mental focus and energy

Excellent, highest quality ingredients.

Not just another green drink!

Available from USA.

Become a Distributor.

Membership and Health Manual.
US$29.95 - CA$45.00 - AU$38.00

Distributorship is welcomed worldwide. Great side income or full time income. for anyone. Alternative complimentary healing machines for professionals. A chance to help people and truly make a difference.

Join up via head office in either USA, Canada, Australia (includes Europe) or Mexico. Asia has their own individual head offices.

Anyone, anywhere in the world may join up via this website - we place you with the head office of your choice.

Additional Products:


FIR Pad: US$199.00 - CA$250.00

FIR Lumbar Cushion:
 Sale Price: US$114.00 - CA$130.00

Power Eyes:
Sale Price: US$109.00 - CA$139.00

Palm Massager: US$29.99 - CA$49.99

Four portable machines for alternative wellness and healing:


Far Infrared heating healing pad with bag.
For tired sore muscles - period pain. 2ft x 3ft.

FIR Lumbar Cushion

Powerful Far Infrared vibrating massage.

Excellent for anyone sitting all day in front of a computer or at a desk.
For drivers, travelers - students.
Comes with car adapter.

FIR Power Eyes
Far Infrared eye massager goggles to soothe tired eyes and improve eyesight.

Palm Massager
Powerful palm held massager with heat.

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