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How To Become A Distributor
If You Live Outside the USA.


You would like to become an International distributor and you don't live in North America (USA, Canada). Unless you have an American or Canadian social security number, street address, and bank account, it is challenging. 

HTE recently closed down head offices in Canada, Australia and Europe, which means that new membership is limited. Without a social security number, head office has to withhold 30% of your commission check due to U.S. government tax regulations.

Head office Los Angeles does not mail or wire checks outside of North America.

Current distributors in Australia, New Zealand, UK and Europe may contact HTE head office in Los Angeles to find out how they may continue - or they may contact HTE world head quarters in Taiwan.

HTE Taiwan Email:

Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia - have their own head office locations and different ID numbers. Some countries (such as South Africa), operate as SOQI Spa franchises.

For inquiries and contact info: Asian Head Offices

South Africa has a warehouse/logistics center and a representative, but is controlled by head office in Thailand.

Orders may optionally be shipped out from USA, but freight is very expensive - it is advised to find a private shipping company that costs less.

Otherwise, please contact the Thailand head office who control South African sales and SOQI franchises.

HTE Thailand Email:

Vietnam is the latest country to have a head office. Please contact one of our local Vietnamese distributors in USA for info and guidance.  Vienamese Americans are welcome to sign up in the USA.

Contact David for sales in Israel.

Freight & Voltage

Freight prices vary from country to country so please request a quote.

Freight prices to Australia, UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America and the Caribbean are generally very expensive. Many customers prefer to use their own shipping company, which is much cheaper.

Another option is to buy in the USA whilst visiting (yourself, family or friends), and take back on the plane. Simply order in advance of arrival so as to co-ordinate delivery.

MACHINE AND VOLTAGE 110v and 220v:


a) The Sun Ancon Chi Machine and the Far Infrared Dome are available 110v or 220v.


b) The ERE (Electro Reflex Energizer) is available 110v - 240v, dual voltage.


c) The E-Power Machine is available 110v or 220v.


d) The SOQI Bed - only available in the USA as of 2018.

are NOT recommended as they prevent the machines from working properly.

Monthly sale prices, special offers.

How to Become a Distributor
Guidance and details.


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