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Gail Jankevicius

Enjoying The Blues!

About Gail:
Born and raised in a small Iowa farm town, I moved to Omaha, NE in 1977. I  worked for a Credit Card processing company for 21 years only to get laid off in a company downsizing. I married at 28 years old to a fellow that has set out and accomplished some incredible goals in life.

While trying a therapeutic massage bed in March 2005, I wanted to learn more about the far infrared, and acupressure, moxibustion and other principles behind the oriental massage bed. So to the internet I went to search for information to help better understand some of the principles behind the therapeutic massage beds. In my surfing adventure, I ran across the web site. I was so amazed at the amount of information on the site. Each and every day I would spend a couple hours reading the information on the site. It is a site that truly captured me as well as educated me on what I was looking for. The site truly opened my eyes to what health is really about. After 3 weeks of visiting the site daily, as every click took me to more and more exciting information, I discovered the distributor page. That was all it took! A comprehensive website packed with information sold me on this product! I immediately called to become a distributor and ordered the Chi Machine - Hothouse Dome combo as well as the ERE ? all without ever trying the equipment ? I knew the massage bed did wonders and took my chance that the Chi Machine would be as good or better than the bed (and the 3 pieces was less than half the price of the massage bed!) The massage bed web sites did NOT even come close to the information in the Chi Machine web site. 

Upon receiving my goods, I took a couple weeks and used the equipment myself... after all, if I did not like them I could return them within 14 days for a refund. It truly is an experience that takes your body back to feeling like a healthy 20 year old! Since then, I have been taking my machine to neighbors, friends, and others that I run across to let them try it for a few days. Here in the Midwest, people are a little more conservative and tend to shy away from something outside of the ordinary. I know I have a lot of work to do in order to 'get the word out' I tell everyone I see about the products!

So what have these products done for me? I noticed a much needed increase in energy, want to spring out of bed in the mornings instead of rolling over and wanting to stay there, my back problems went away. I sleep better at night and my monthly cycle pain subsided. It is wonderful not having to manage monthly pain with Advil. 

The Electro Reflex Energizer was most impressive. I used it daily, beginning with 5 minutes and working up to 20 over the course of 3 weeks. Then I took a break from it and noticed a tingling in my feet and legs (all the way past my knees) remained for days afterward. I also noticed the muscles all the way up to my buttocks felt so toned, like they did when I was in my 20's and working out like a horse! 

The Chi Machine has given me incredible flexibility that is indescribable. Even in my young days and all the exercise and stretching I did to be limber and flexible cannot begin to compare to what these products have done for me in a short time at the age of 47! I no longer guard my spine, in fact, I will sit in a chair and wiggle my spine in the same way the Chi Machine does. It feels great to feel like a 20 year old all over again! In my mind, this is a key component to having an ageless body!

The Far Infrared Hothouse Dome has done wonderful things as well. In conjunction to using it with the Chi Machine, it is a key component to eliminate aches and pains as well as cure colds. When I feel like I am catching a cold, I lay under the hothouse for an hour every morning and evening for an hour, and in a couple days my cold is gone! The heat from the hothouse is so soothing and it feels wonderful just to lay under it even if there is no reason to treat with the heat!

I love the Blues and go to see Blues Artists play, as well as volunteer for every festival I can! With the flexibility that these products have given me, I am able to dance like no other Blues lover. People tell me that I look fantastic and want to know how I am doing it! I tell them it is the Chi Machine and Far infrared Hothouse Dome and ERE. I also get compliments about my dancing from the artists who often give me their guitar pics or drummers who give me their drum sticks. Fellow members of our blues family tell me that I am the 'Queen of the Blues' - I have can only thank the Chi Machine, FIR Hothouse Dome and ERE for the flexibility and feeling that I have to express myself through my own dance movements which allows me to dance to the blues like I do. I tell them if it does it for me it will do it for you also. In fact the above photo was taken on a river boat blues cruise on the Missouri River with the artist that was playing.

I am on a mission to help others in the Omaha area, it is taking me some time to get started, as I am not a true salesperson, however, I believe in these products and will not give up. If I get discouraged in anyway, I revisit and immediately get a renewed sense of wanting to help others. 

Although I have some health products that I believe in, I have become an avid health conscious person and have found several sites containing very good information as well as organizations that fight for our health. I feel it is more important for people to visit sites like those that help fight for our freedom than it is to list the sites of my personal preference for health products. Here are some of my favorite links:  (learn about CODEX and the HARM-ony of our future) - a comprehensive website with unlimited health articles) (a site containing health related or environmental petitions which will be sent to the FDA, Congress, Monsanto or another applicable government entity or Corporation.)

Be sure to sign up for newsletters from these sites as they are very informational.

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