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Including Arthritis, MS and Systemic Lupus.
"My mum tried the Sun Ancon Chi Machine at a Complimentary Health Clinic in Sheffield, she has very painful arthritis especially in her knees. After only 4 minutes on the machine, the pain had ceased enough so that she could kneel again where before, she couldn't. She decided to buy one and on just 10 minutes a day is still feeling the benefits". - Belinda Green in Sheffield, UK - April 2003.

Family Relaxation and Calm.
We have only had our Chi Machine for a few weeks now but my whole family loves it. My husband and myself use it every day. It is a great way to relax and with four children I need it! The "Chi Rush" at the end is amazing, I feel like I'm floating off the ground, totally relaxed and contented. All my children use the Chi Machine, including my 2 year old son who is very hectic and hyperactive. After a session on the Sun Ancon Chi Machine he is a different child. He becomes calm, quiet and just grins from ear to ear! Well worth the money. - D. Courtney, married with four children, Portsmouth, Hants, UK, 2002

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Neck Problem, Allergies, Winter Flu.
After the first time used the machine my neck problem disappeared. Over the last six months my allergies have got better and I have had none of the usual winter colds and flu. I feel very fit and healthy. - Mr. J.S., Yorkshire, UK.
Shoulders, Sleep, Relaxation, Energy.
The trouble I had been having with my shoulders disappeared soon after I began using my machine. I use it every night before I go to bed. It totally relaxes me, helping me forget all the tension and troubles of the day, and get a good nights sleep. My energy levels have really improved since using the Chi machine when I get in from work. The drop in energy I used to get after lunch and after my evening meal has completely disappeared and my ten-minute stroll to and from work has now become an energetic march! - Mrs C.O., North West, UK.

Back Problem, Sciatic Pain.
I damaged the ligaments of the joint between my last lumbar vertebra and the sacrum. Fluid collected at the site of the injury. I was told that any twisting of my back could make the damage worse and the fluid would press on the sciatic nerve, resulting in a very sharp pain down my leg.

I stopped using the Chi Machine as I erroneously thought that it would cause trouble. After two weeks, I rang you to be told that it would disperse the fluid. So, as you suggested, I reduced the time spent on it to one minute only and then gradually increased the time. I am now using it three times a day, five minutes a session.

Within days, the fluid had dispersed and the ligaments started to heal. Three weeks later I can report that my back feels normal and no sciatic pain. The Sun Ancon Chi Machine is a wonderful help to returning to full health. Once again, thanks for your advice. - J.N. Plymouth, Devon, UK - Summer 2002.

Poly Arthritis.
The Chi Machine has great benefits in relaxation and this goes a long way to helping my well-being and relief from the pain of poly arthritis. - J. H., Dip A.D. B Sc (Hons) Psych (open), Liverpool, UK.

Recovery, Health Maintenance, Rejuvenation, Stress Management, Well-Being.
The Chi Machine, I can recommend it with no doubt in my mind as to its benefits, I have used this machine for therapeutic and health maintaining purposes, it helps physical recovery and can contribute to rejuvenation, it also is good in stress management both mental and physical, and last but not least it gives one a sense of physical and mental well being. - J. W., Wirral, UK.

Flexibility, Diarrhea, Detox, Arthritic Backache.
What the Chi Machine has done for me within the space of just over 4 weeks is unbelievable!! For the first 3 weeks I used it for 2/3 minutes 4 times a day; now I use it for 5 minutes twice a day. The most noticeable changes are that I am now able to raise my arms over my head - something I haven't been able to do for a few years. I also now no longer suffer from diarrhea which was an ongoing complaint of mine. Another factor is that my arthritic backache is not so severe, and I hope that with continued use it will become even easier. - J.T., Clwyd, Wales, UK.

Multiple Sclerosis.
I have been using the Chi Machine on a regular basis for almost 4 months. For the first three months, I used it twice a day. I have Multiple Sclerosis, a condition which for me, causes fatigue, muscle stiffness, weakness and spasm, as well as loss of balance and bladder problems. On first using the Chi Machine I noticed a feeling of well-being - a vibrancy and sense of 'flow' in my body, that I hadn't experienced for some time. Very soon, the stiffness in my legs that lead to spasms during the night, was reduced and my nights became more restful.

It was noticed when I attended physiotherapy, that the muscle tone in my legs had improved considerably, especially immediately following a session on the machine. Mostly, prior to the Chi Machine, I suffered icy cold feet and patchy hot and cold areas in my knees, thighs and buttocks. A more even distribution of body temperature has occurred since using the Machine. Improved bladder function is also a welcome benefit.

Circumstances have made it difficult to manage two sessions a day recently. Co-incidence or otherwise, the stiffness in my legs has increased and fatigue is recurring, although humidity and climatic conditions can affect this. Overall, I feel that initially the use of the Chi Machine improved my most uncomfortable symptoms. At all times, use of the machine has been and is a relaxing and pleasurable experience that gives me a feeling of well-being. I consider it a worthwhile purchase." - Anais Corker, Dronfield, UK -

Scottish DJ with MS.
"I discovered it at an MS center up north," he said. "The idea is you lie down and rest your feet on it and it sways the body in different directions, like a fish. It help keeps the muscles moving and the blood circulating. I feel a real benefit from it." - Radio Clyde DJ "Tiger Tim"Glasgow, Scotland, Speaking in the Glasgow Evening Times, UK.

MS Center Member.
"After I use the Chi Machine or the oxygen tank, I can feel the benefits almost straight away." - Russell Cameron, Lochgilphead ARMS Center member (speaking in Lochgilphead Courier and Advertiser) UK.

Three arm positions.

Use arm position most comfortable for you.

Multiple Sclerosis doesn't stop this lady from enjoying life!
I'm Sylvie. I have Multiple Sclerosis, and have found many ways of living with and stabilizing it through lifestyle changes such as Diet, Nutrition, Exercise and above all Attitude, Stubbornness, Faith and sheer Determination at the end of the day.

Buying a mobility scooter .. changed my life, giving me back my independence... Another "life-changing" purchase I have made is BUYING A CHI MACHINE. It is a remarkable machine, and helps me enormously in combating the daily fatigue I still live with at present. It energizes and revitalizes me, as well as giving my legs a rest, a mini massage, improving circulation, oxygenating my blood and being deeply relaxing. And the best thing is once you have invested in the machine, it is yours to use as much or as little as you like for life, as therapies go, that makes it extremely cost effective.

This little machine is worth it's weight in gold to me. When I get overwhelmed by fatigue, I simply lie down, breath, and enjoy. It even lowers the tone in my legs (free physio). When it switches itself off, you tingle and can really feel the Chi (Energy) and flowing around your body and you just lie there for a few more minutes enjoy it all in a deeply relaxed state.

The best thing about the Chi Machine is that is stops my leg spasms which can keep me awake a night. When my leg is jumping about and keeping me awake I go on the Chi machine, relax, and 20 minutes later, I get back into bed and drift off to sleep. It is also effective in stopping my brain from working overtime, and releasing stress, so enabling me to get a good nights restful sleep when I'd otherwise be tossing and turning all night. - Sylvie Brown, Sheffield, UK - HTE Distributor, Amazing lady, wife and mother of a 2 year old, 9/2007

My husband has built up to 10 minutes 4 times a day over the past week & we cannot believe the difference in him!! However we are not stupid, we know there is no cure for M.E./CFS but this machine is certainly helping even in just a week. Today we went to see the Osteopath and he also was impressed. Malcolm has suffered with this for the past 7 years and he has been having treatment from the Osteopath for the past 2 years to improve the elimination of toxins from his lymph. - A.K., Lancs. UK.

I have had my Sun Ancon Chi Machine for about a year, and it has helped me recover from chronic illness. I developed M.E. in 1996. I became so ill I was virtually housebound for over a year, at times having to crawl to the bathroom on my hands and knees. I had many symptoms, from constant headaches and sore throats to digestive problems and joint and muscle pain, and worst of all very little mental or physical capacity to do anything. For months I could not even watch TV, and I was unable to read properly for perhaps 2 years. Over the years I tried many different treatments, including nutritional and herbal approaches as well as physical therapies such as shiatsu and yoga. These all helped my health to gradually improve, but I was still nowhere near well enough to work.

I became interested in lymphatic drainage as a result of studying the research into ME. In particular I read a book called "The Back and Beyond" by Dr. Paul Sherwood, which suggested that treating the lymphatic system could aid recovery. This made a lot of sense to me and eventually I tried lymphatic drainage massage with a massage therapist. I found this very beneficial and it increased my energy a lot, but was expensive and I could not afford to have it as often as I would like.

It was then that I heard about the chi machine. I was lucky enough to be able to have a go on a chi machine at a friend's house and I realized immediately that this was a powerful treatment. When I read about it I realized that this could replace the massages, not only that but it would be available at home for me to use every day, and other members of the family could also benefit. So although it was a lot of money to spend, it seemed like a gamble worth taking, especially if it could help me improve and get closer to my goal of being able to work again.

I had to begin gradually like most people with M.E. and build up slowly from one minute at a time on the machine. I was careful to follow the instructions about drinking water before and after. Within a short time I began to feel the benefit of using the chi machine, as my energy levels improved, I finally lost the last of the "brain fog" which had plagued me for years, and all my remaining symptoms lessened. I still use the machine every day and I am convinced it has been a major factor in my continuing improvement - I notice the difference if I am unable to use it for a few days. I also find I can use the machine for a few minutes at times when I am feeling a bit sluggish or having trouble waking - it is like having been for a brisk walk but without the effort and time involved. It is also a great de-stresser.

The beauty of the chi machine is that it increases exercise capacity and energy, even when you are unable to exercise properly yourself. For example if I am suffering from a virus and not well enough to do my normal activities, I can still go on the chi machine. I am convinced it has improved my recovery time when I do occasionally get a cold etc. This makes it ideal for people with M.E. who desperately need the benefits of exercise, but are either physically unable to, or cannot do so without suffering problems afterwards. I don't know if it can help everyone with M.E. as much as it has helped me. (Now that would be a fascinating research project!) For me however, it has been a vital piece of the jigsaw which I needed to get well, and it is impossible to express in words the difference this has made to my life. - Maggie Stern, June 2003 Sheffield, UK.


Chilblains, Sleep, Flexibility, Back Pain.
I borrowed the Chi Aerobic exerciser from the Touch for Health center for a week. I was suffering from very painful chilblains and by the end of the week they had virtually cleared and were no longer causing discomfort. I decided to buy a machine on the strength of this and my husband and I are both very impressed by the benefit we are getting. I go to Yoga classes and I now find the movements very much easier. My back always used to hurt after I had been gardening and any discomfort I have, goes away. My husband is very impressed and says his golf is much improved after using the exerciser. We are both sleeping better. We are going on holiday next week and will certainly take it with us! - Tina C., Sussex, UK, April/May 2005 (vol 1 - issue 89 HTE OZ).

Knee Problem, Mobility.
We purchased an aerobic exerciser a month ago. I really enjoy using it and a very painful knee is feeling much more comfortable and I am walking more normally. I expect this improvement to continue. I certainly feel more energetic and am sleeping much better. It is nice to know I can maintain my good health by using the Chi Machine every day. I am now up to six minutes three times daily and I look forward to using it, especially when I am tired. - Sussex, UK.

Gas, Bloating, Energy, Detox.
On March 15th, I remember the date because it was my birthday, I had a very severe pain in my abdomen, with gas and bloating, so bad that I couldn't bear to wear clothing and almost fainted with the pain. I continued to have bouts like this for several weeks. I visited my doctor and the pills he gave me didn't deem to help. He suggested I might need to investigate further. My friend June, suggested I try her aerobic exerciser. After only one session, I felt that something moved, I had a big evacuation and since then have had no pain or discomfort. I also felt it gave me more energy. I am going to borrow a machine for a week and I expect I will end up buying one for myself. - Sussex, UK.

No more sleeping pills!
"Since using the chi machine for ten days, my husband has not used anymore sleeping pills." - Lia Beldam, Devon, UK.

Physically and Mentally Handicapped, Circulation Problems.
My little grandson called Luke, who is now 12 years old, is severely physically and mentally handicapped. He just loves using the Chi Machine and lies quietly and happily, (which is very unusual for him) whilst his legs are moving from side to side. He has very bad circulation problems and we are sure this is going to help him. - Sussex, UK.

High Blood Pressure.
Having been taking drugs for some time for high blood pressure, I have been rather delighted at the return of energy that I have enjoyed since starting to use the machine. I am now on three 4 minute sessions per day. - Sussex, UK.

Systemic Lupus - Pain Relief, Spinal Alignment, Relaxation, Weight Loss, Mobility.
This very unique Chi Machine has changed the quality of my life so that I am truly in awe. I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus or SLE over 10 years ago and have sought to restore my health from all the medical profession has to offer. When you came to my home, I had just discussed with my doctor what could be done to help me with my muscle, joint and all over body pain. I knew that medicine could be a problem and always wanted alternatives.

I find that the motion of the machine feels similar to an all over body massage. I think it increases my blood circulation that in turn gives me some pain relief. The pain seems to be reduced to the point that it is now manageable. I truly enjoy the relaxation and find the feeling after the machine shuts off very pleasant. It seems to align my spine and I have also noticed some decrease in my abdomen. It has also helped with my fluid retention so that I have lost a few pounds. Also, I have noticed that I have more energy. I am monitoring my improvement very closely and I intend to keep you posted on the benefits of this wonderful therapy.

One of the most exciting things that The Chi Machine has done for me is that I can now get up and down. About a year ago I lost so much mobility I could no longer get up and down. If I lowered to a squatting position my legs could not push me back up. After one week, using the machine several times each day, I noticed I could get up and down better and I soon discovered I could do several knee bends without stopping. I am truly amazed and so joyful for all the aid the machine has given to me.I truly feel grateful to you for being the instrument God used to bring this machine to me. - Judy Agostinelli -


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